Brompton Carrier Block Adapter

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Brompton Carrier Block Adapter : Transform Any Bag into a Brompton Bag

Product Overview:

  • Materials: The Carrier Block Adapter is made from durable plastic, while the L Bracket is crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy.
  • Weight: Lightweight design, approximately 232g, adding minimal weight to your bike.

Key Features:

  1. DIY Versatility: This accessory allows you to easily convert any bag or basket into a Brompton-compatible carrier.
  2. Customizable Use: Offers the flexibility to attach a variety of bags or baskets, tailoring to your specific carrying needs.
  3. Sturdy Construction: The combination of plastic and aluminum alloy materials ensures durability and reliability during use.

Expand Your Carrying Options: With the Bromptonic Carrier Block Adapter and L Bracket, you can effortlessly transform your favorite bag or basket into a Brompton-compatible accessory. This DIY solution is perfect for riders looking to personalize their carrying capacity without compromising on style or functionality. Whether it's for commuting, shopping, or leisure rides, this kit offers a practical and versatile way to enhance your Brompton bike's utility.