Brompton Bike Travel Bag

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Brompton Bike Travel Bag

Brompton Bike Travel Bag is the most lightweight travel bag available. Take your bike literally anywhere while keeping it protected and most importantly easily transportable. The bag works as a backpack and a travel bag, allowing you the versatility to use it as you see fit. Even if you're in the city, wearing this as a backpack is incredibly useful as when you reach a station you can simply fold your bike, put it in your bag and take it as out as you please. 

Crafted from immaculate 600D Oxford fabric, you're given an extremely durable bag that will last you for years to come. Fully water-resistant, no matter the weather you're able to utilize this bag to it's full potential in any scenario. The fabric is exceptionally easy to clean and naturally prevents stains and dirt from hindering the it. 


With side containers crafted from quality mesh, you can store a variety of other items like a bike pump, water bottles and other essentials which really adds to the usability of this amazing product. The final secret this treat of a bag offers is an inner pocket for further storage, so there's no reason why all of your important Brompton equipment cannot travel with you. 


  • Lightweight and efficient. Operates as a backpack and travel bag depending on what you require
  • Includes two exterior mesh pockets and one interior pocket for any extras you may have
  • Comes in at 67.5cm by 84.5cm by 34.3cm, offering you a very sizable bag
  • Fully water-resistant and exceptionally durable - Perfect for all trips