Brompton Mini P Handlebar (490x160mm)

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Brompton Mini P Handlebar (490x160mm)

Brompton mini P Handlebar (490x160mm)

While the traditional Brompton handlebar covers a wide spectrum of uses, the Brompton mini P Handlebar  takes that a step further. This product unlike the original Brompton P handlebar is smaller in height ensuring your handlebar doesn't hit the ground when you fold your bike. Crafted to fit the original Brompton M/S stem.  Purposely designed to cater to several hand positions, you’re able to find true comfort in every scenario while riding your beloved Brompton bike.

After an amazing day of riding it is natural to become fatigued. On the traditional Brompton handlebar, there is no place for you to rest your hands and arms, however, this product includes a solid lower bar you can place your hands on. Riding in the same position for extended periods can be taxing on your body, so the flexibility this handlebar offers lets you adjust hand and arm positions for comfort.

Simply fit your brakes onto the elevated bar and enjoy your Brompton. 

Compatibility: Brompton bike
Product: Brompton P Handlebar
Bar bore: 25.4mm
Width: 485mm
Height: 160mm
Weight: 377g / with shim

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