Brompton Leather Accessories

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Brompton Leather Accessories

Brompton Leather Accessories allows you to personalize your Brompton and give it an unique look. Made of highest quality real Italian cow leather . Stylish natural leather will protect your Brompton from starches, and also offer additional functionality, depending on the piece. Comes in several colors, and every piece has its unique natural texture.

Brompton Leather Accessories(1/3). Leather Frame Protector . Full-length frame protector fitting between the frame hinge and the seat post. Prevents footwear from damaging the paint when mounting and dismounting. Stops the folding pedal scratching the frame when it is over the folder. Protects the frame from rubbing by brake and gear cables. Improves comfort when used as a seat on busy commuter trains. Looks and feels great!  

It's is made from lovely leather, with a foam lining so your Brompton doesn't get scratched, and has the appropriate cuttings to allow it to fit the curve of the frame.

This is an DIY item, you will receive 2 needles, 1 wax rope along with leather, Cross-Stitch pattern is recommended. If you need help with stitching,  it might be worth it to visit your local shoe maker.

Brompton Leather Accessories(2/3) Leather Stem Protector offer similar functionality to the frame protector, but protects the stem. It is also a DIY product.

Brompton Leather Accessories(3/3) Leather handle is a functional leather part, used to make the process of releasing your front bag faster and easier.

Set contains, frame and stem protector along with handle.
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Compatibility: Brompton bike
Product: Brompton Leather Accessories
Material: Italian cow leather
Color: Blue, Red, Yellow, Brown, Green