Brompton Protective Sticker Set

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Brompton Protective Sticker Set

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Protection: Crafted from TPH (transparent) and PVC (black), our film offers robust scratch resistance, anti-aging, and corrosion protection. It shields your bike’s paint from damage due to folding, steering, braking, and more, preserving its aesthetic appeal.
  2. Residue-Free Removal: The pressure-sensitive adhesive allows for easy removal without harming your bike's paint, keeping its original look intact.
  3. Easy Maintenance: An oil and water-resistant coating makes the film easy to clean, ensuring your bike always looks pristine.
  4. Precise Customization: Tailored specifically for Brompton bikes using advanced technology, our film guarantees a perfect fit with no compatibility issues.
  5. Enhanced Durability: With a high tear strength, it offers superior resistance to tears and scratches, protecting your bike in various conditions.
  6. Invisible Protection: Available in transparent and black options to match any bike color, our film offers protection without altering your bike’s original appearance.

          Product Details:

  • Name: Protection Film For Brompton Folding Bicycle
  • Materials: Transparent film (TPH), Black film (PVC)
  • Package Contents: Protection film (1), Instructions (1), Dust-absorber sticker (1)

    Preparation Steps:

  • Surface Prep: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface of your bike. Remove any dust and oil to ensure a firm application.
  • Dust Removal: For finer particles, utilize our specially designed dust-absorber sticker.
  • Application Guidance: Follow the detailed instructions provided or adapt to your bike's specific needs.
  • Bubble Reduction: Ensure a smooth finish by pressing the film surface repeatedly to eliminate air bubbles.
  • Edge Protection: Carefully apply the film to prevent any lifting or cocking at the edges.